With another busy month of proposals, construction and public realm improvements behind us, we round up SkyriseCalgary's most popular stories, Projects, and Forum threads of March 2020.

Our Top Ten News Stories

1. Calgary's Never Built Skyscrapers

Scanned image via forum contributor FCC1982

A look back at Calgary's never built skyscrapers, followed by the news of Place 10 resuming construction and the unveiling of new bridge and station designs for the Green line and others make up the top 10 stories for the month of March. 

3. City Unveils Proposed Bridge and Station Designs for Green Line's North Central Section

4. Sola Gears Up

5. Glass Installation Begins at Stephen Place Revitalization

6. Cladding Installation Begins on The Hub

7. 11th + 11th Rises Above Grade

8. Cladding Continues on Cancer Centre

9. New Proposal Unveiled for Lower Mount Royal

Our Top Ten Database Files

1. Place 10

Place 10, image via Centron

Jemm Properties' The Bridge took spot in February, followed by TELUS sky and and The Hub. 

2. Park Central 

3. Curtis Block

4. Arris - 5th and Third

5. The Hub

6. TELUS Sky

7. 11th + 11th

8. Redstone

9 The Hat Elbow River

10. One Tower

Our Top Ten Forum Threads

1. West Village Towers

West Village Towers, image via Cidex

West Village Towers, buoyed by rapid progress on its second tower was the top forum thread for March followed by 5th and Third, and The Hub, and for the second month in a row an infrastructure project made the list as the Green Line LRT showed up in the top 10. 

2. 5th and Third

3. The Hub 

4. Curtis Block

5. The Fifth

6. Green Line LRT

7. Park Central

8. The Dorian

9. Place 10

10. 5th & Macleod

We will be back at the beginning of May for a recap of April's top news stories, Database files, and Forum threads!