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Calgary Restaurant Thread

Just walked by the old Milk Tiger location and it looks like it's going to be a Paris Baguette and not an Analog coffee

Paris Baguette.jpg
Modern Steak in Kensington is closing. Never been to this location but seems like Kensington is losing quite a few restaurants the last little while. Mostly due to redevelopment/sale of the existing buildings.
It's a restaurant I never think to go to. There's also a Modern Steak near Anderson station that seems to be abandoned, at least from the outside.
The first couple of times I went to Modern Steak, I loved it, but the next couple of times, it was only okay. I didn't really think it was worth the value, TBH.
Lots of new spots on First Street. All in the last 5 months or so.

Strip mall at 1st and 11th has a new Karaoke Bar, a BBQ joint, and now a breakfast spot where the Circle K was.


And across the street, Amihan has opened up where Koi used to be, and a new Latin place is about to open on the corner.

The BBQ place is... ok. Like I'm not excited to go back and try more of the menu.

Egg Club seems to be Japanese style street food egg sandwiches. I'm excited to try it but I hear they sell out shortly after noon.
Egg Club is an exciting addition from Toronto. I definitely want to try it!

Korilla is really good and probably has the best quality meat next to Baekjeong Korean BBQ House up in Beacon Hill. However, it gets pretty expensive but definitely worth it. It also has a karaoke bar in the basement so it's a great addition to 17th.

Tropical is opening a new restaurant concept in the old Foreign Concept location, so lots of changes happening on 1st Street.
I went to the old one a couple times to play some pool, reminded me of Cheers a bit. The marketing for this one seems like it's a very Soccer friendly bar, would expect it to be open before Euro 2024 in early June.
Tried Francine's on the weekend. The fried chicken and gnocchi mains were kind of meh, but we loved the endive salad, the sliders trio and the cocktails.

Overall I really liked it, and I wish it was open for lunch (although I love Meat and Bread too and wouldn't want that to disappear). I know the economics probably wouldn't work out though, and Francine's is probably not meant to be around forever anyway.