24th Avenue in Calgary's northwest would be considered a typical mundane avenue by most people. The twelve block stretch of road that runs eastbound from Crowchild Trail to 14th st NW is your usual street with two lanes of bi-directional traffic, flanked by parked cars and houses.

That may change as there are plans in the works for the road itself, as well as several parcels of land along the avenue. Developers currently have 6 different land use application submitted to the city to increase the zoning along 24th ave from regular residential zoning (RC-1, RC-2) to  higher density Multifamily zoning (M-H1, M-C1, MU-1f3.9h23, etc..)

Map showing parcels for proposed re-zoning, image via City of Calgary

With those new zones in place developers would be allowed to building developments ranging from 3 to 6 storeys, with some of them having the option to have residential at grade. 

Potential development, image via City of Calgary

Along with the potential for higher density developments along 24th avenue, the city is also considering changing the use of the avenue from two lanes of traffic, and two lanes of parking to, instead having two lanes of traffic and one lane of parking. The extra width would allow for a separated bike lane on each side. 

Graphic showing proposed re-work of the avenue, image via City of Calgary

All of these changes are only proposed ideas at this time, with public engagement still ongoing. There is pressure on the city to increase density in established areas, especially after the city recently approved zoning for 14 new greenfield communities. Whether these exact types of proposals get approved or not remains to be seen, but most people expect that higher density developments in some form are coming.

Potential development, image via City of Calgary

Potential development, image via City of Calgary

It should be noted that the developments in questions have been given the recommendation for approval by the planning administration, and the recommendations will be presented at the next planning commission meeting on Dec 19th. Pending the outcome of the commission meeting, proposals like the ones above may soon start popping up along 24th ave.

With more still ahead SkyriseCalgary will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For more information, photo updates an discussion check out our Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.