Today's Throwback Thursday feature captures 4 years of change upon the west end of the Calgary skyline. Taken from the same vantage point in 2015, and then 4 years later in 2019, the photos below highlight the changes in that end of the skyline.

The image from August 2015 shows the trees of Prince's Island and the Bow River banks along with the high-rises in downtown Calgary's west end.

Image of downtown west end, August 2015, image by Kevin Cappis

When looking at a photo from the same angle, but taken 4 years later in October of 2019, we can see the various changes. The same trees and the same river banks, and Peace Bridge, and the same high-rises, with the exception of the 4 new ones that appear in the photo. Can you spot the 4 new towers?

Image of downtown west end, Oct 2019, image by Kevin Cappis

In case you haven't spotted, the new additions to that part of the skyline are: Vogue, The Concord, West Village Tower, and Avenue Condominiums. Four buildings is enough to change the look of any skyline, let alone a small portion of a skyline. Couple that with the fact that two of the towers are 37 and 41 stories respectively, and the changes are even more emphasized.

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