A long time in the making, the Eau Claire Public Realm Plan is fast approaching completion. Recent photos on our Forum highlight the high degree of improvement made to this vital stretch of Calgary's downtown riverfront, the addition of attractive new paths, pavers, and planters bringing a great mix of utility and beautification to the formerly underutilized area. 

Eau Claire riverfront, new paving stones and benches, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

Featuring ample seating for casual strollers, the new Eau Clair riverfront path has been made wide and welcoming for users of all ages. For speedier users, separated paths are soon to open, which will allow for a more natural flow of pedestrians and cyclists. 

Pathway leading into downtown, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

New connections to the downtown core have been made as as well, the pathway system now better integrated into the urban fabric. Beckoning urbanites to the water's edge, the new pathway system will hopefully inspire lunchtime explorers to make the trek down to the Bow. 

Meandering paths, pavers, and planters, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

Likely the most visually stunning element of the Eau Claire Public Realm Plan, the meandering placement of the flood wall planters which now dot the riverfront on the approach to the Peace Bridge, make a bold, and highly pleasing statement. 

Planters to double as public seating, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

Dubbed the Delta Garden, in reference to its placement along the river, the new planters have been outfitted with wooden bench spots for picnickers and weary walkers alike, the riverfront to become a gathering place for everyone from office workers to joggers, stroller brigades to cyclists, and more.  

Keen to check out the Eau Claire improvements? Go see for yourself and post the pictures on our Forum!