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I don't think so, just the back of it with a rear entry and the amenities area that faces 17ave. There are some townhomes too but those all face 18ave and the park.
I'm surprised they wouldn't put some retail facing 17th ave, but if the amenities area faces 17th ave, that's not so bad. A gym or social room with some windows facing onto the avenue is better than a plain wall. I'm guessing the city would never allow a empty wall facing onto 17th.
No retail? That must be a joke? If thats true then im a bit shocked. Talk about underutilizing an area. I feel like the East end of 17th ave should just be master planned given all the space they have to work with. They should do each block in phases with planned retailers. Some developer or investor like ASI would be great for this. They should add high traffic retailers to make 17th ave a complete destination. A Nordstrom Rack for shopping, a Rec Room, some niche shops and some nightclubs and bars. All these things would help it become a complete street. The no retail thing gives me anxiety of how the rest of the eastern 17th ave will turn out at this rate. That 4 storey building built a couple years ago at 17th and centre is quite disappointing too, a wasted opportunity IMO.
I could be wrong as it has been a few years since I last saw it and who knows there might of been some city comments that came back demanding a design in for a CRU or 2 facing 17ave. But the building is orientated to face 18ave including its main entry and parkade access. Developer wants the quieter street to be the front face of the building. The hustle and bustle of 17ave is nice but a little privacy is not a bad thing for the residents who will be living there. Unsure if it is apartments or condos but the more curved layouts plus amenities did look fairly nice.
Design focus from what I saw was to treat 18ave and the park/square with the most attention for maximizing the main entry, and townhomes.
while it makes sense that the residential entrance is facing 18th ave its bonkers to not have commercial on 17th ave.

there are so many lost cause lots along that part of 17th already, to miss forcing retail into this development is beyond belief.

at this point any development along these major corridors should be required to have retail.
Rest assured, if there was an update, it would be posted here.
There is a tender out for this from ITC. Looks like all they did was dust off the original drawings from 2016/7. They say construction could start this June but it could also be a budget exercise, as I don't see a current DPA on the city's website.
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