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Sep 24, 2015
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Site prep is underway on this 100 unit development next to Calgary's Riley Park. Riley Park is the namesake of Ezra Riley who donated the property to the city to be used as the park.



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Utility work being done before construction starts

2016 Jan 12 034.JPG 2016 Jan 12 033.JPG


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No retail for this one. It's on a pretty quiet street with no commercial.
Even though Fifth Avenue is fairly quiet there are a couple of stores along that stretch and also they Hillhurst community center right across the street .
No retail for this one. It's on a pretty quiet street with no commercial.
Even though fifth Avenue is fairly quiet I think it's a missed opportunity for some retail
Definitely under excavation now. Not the best pics but here you go!

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Is that a pile driver on site? I'm happy to see Ezra going ahead. This and those other two Kensington proposals show why location is so important. Even in a downturn a neighborhood like Kensington has mojo.
Yeah man, definitely. Those pictures are a couple of weeks old. Last time I drove by, like last week, they were around half a floor down in excavation. It was good to see :)
Glad to see this u/c. I recall the community association was against this. Thanks for posting those pics, and welcome to the forum Urban warrior and Bka!
So glad to see the crane up on this one. Another major project for Kensington getting started. Hopefully Minto Kensington doesn't take too long to get up and going.
I would like to see Minto get built for a couple of reasons. It's a nice little project, but it also raises the bar a bit in terms of scale being at 11 floors.