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Not bad!

I like the ground floor retail, I don't like the surface parking lot.

Still cheap and convoluted.
I'm not sure what looks cheap about it. The exterior material looks to be aluminum paneling and glass balconies. It could use a bit more glass. The design is busy, but it doesn't bother me. My only gripes would be to have more glass, and take the external panel colors from 4 down to 3.

I would give it a 7 out of 10.
Busy is an understatement. This is a hot mess design wise. I have nothing against aluminum cladding systems. I don't consider them a measurable upgrade from stucco finishes. Both are very common and affordable. Both can look good and bad based on design choices.
Less glass, to be the norm soon except for very high end projects that can afford alternative methods to get to energy efficiency standard levels?
The new energy codes don't go nearly as far as people make them out to be. Even cheap Chinese curtain wall should be able to get by it with more than 60% vision glass to 40% spandex. This isn't the end of all glass buildings.


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Stopping in for a pint at the Kilkinney?

Yeah definitely. I'm president of a fraternity at U of C and Monday wings at Kilks is sort of a tradition for us :)
April 8, 2018



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About a week ago...



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