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She doesn't look terrible next to the others, but I do live a little ways away.
A friend of a friend moved into Brio this month. I got a look at her suite yesterday, and they're nicer than I was expecting. Great views too. My phone was dead, so I didn't get any pics, hopefully next time.
Seems Brio is struggling. Hopefully as in person research work picks up on campus, and with grad students/post-docs either returning or starting their programs it will fill up a bit. May also be competitive for medical students, with Max Orange providing reasonable connectivity to Foothills. When you can rent in the Beltline with a similar quality of unit, which would you choose. From the price discrepancies that appear on different parts of the rental website, it looks like they've reduced rents by 12-13% to try to fill it up. Not sure that is the best strategy, compared to past Boardwalk promotions of either deep discounts on rent for the first 3 months, 90% lower deposits, or free internet and tv for a year plus a TV.

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