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Recent content by Josh Gibbs

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    Calgary | The Hub | ?m | 28s | Campus Suites | ARK Inc.

    It looks like the travelodge hotel near that site is going to get demolished since it’s all fenced off and empty looking
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    Calgary | Cube | 26m | 7s | Strategic Group

    For some reason I really like the yellow, orange, and red squares on this building make over. It reminds me of the classic iOS game cube runner.
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    Calgary | Crystal | ?m | 8s | West Campus Trust | Urban-Agency

    Absolutely beautiful design. I could imagine another crane going up soon for this beauty.
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    General Construction Updates

    That is sure a very ugly building. Would look much nicer with different color exterior such as brick, stone, and stucco.
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    Calgary | Curtis Block | 119m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Great to hear. Parking lots in the inner city really don’t make much sense
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    Calgary | Curtis Block | 119m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Is the Curtis Block site a temporary parking lot now? I noticed it was covered in vehicles when I went by it today.
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    Calgary | 707 Fifth Street | 124m | 27s | Manulife Real Estate | SOM

    This is sure a sexy lookin building!!
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    Calgary | Brookfield Place | 246.88m | 56s | Brookfield Property | AFK

    Brookfield Place is sure a nice building. At least the edges are curved same as the roof. It would look even better once Brookfield Place two is built!
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    General Construction Updates

    I believe that’s the building SE of Sanulta Station that looks sort of like a storm trooper.
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    Calgary | Curtis Block | 119m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    That brick building on the SE corner is now completely gone!
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    General Construction Updates

    In my opinion it would be nice to see inglewood become nearly car-free.
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    Calgary | UPTEN | 121.91m | 37s | Strategic Group

    That is a Manitoba Maple growing in that pit!
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    MacKimmie Complex and Professional Faculties Building Redevelopment | 59m | 15s | U of C | DIALOG

    I bet all of the exterior on Mackimmie will be removed by this summer. Lots of work progressing.
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    General Construction Updates

    Can't believe how much demolition is going on in Calgary in 2018. Nice to see a lot of old hotels getting demolished.