Just a few weeks since our last update, and AVLI on Atlantic has been filling out nicely as insulation, framing, and cladding work continues. With all of the glass now more less installed, and much of the framing and insulation work now nearing completion, it will not be long before the first pieces of grey spandrel begin to appear. 

AVLI on Atlantic, street view, image by Forum contributor 1875

Located within the heart of Inglewood's commercial strip along 9 Ave SE, AVLI on Atlantic is but one of many similar-sized projects (including the adjacent South Bank) now under construction in the neighbourhood. AVLI on Atlantic will soon become home to 64 residential units spread across 7 storeys, thereby representing a total influx of upwards of 100 new residents. 

AVLI on Atlantic, framing and glazing underway, image by Forum contributor 1875

The mixed-use development will also be host to a two-storey retail space at grade (visible above and below) which will front onto 9 Ave SE. Set to contain a mix of retail uses, including potentially a cafe, shop, our fast food outlet, the retail component will serve the area well. 

AVLI on Atlantic, close-up view, image by Forum contributor 1875

AVLI on Atlantic, designed by Sturgess Architecture for Greenview Developments, will feature two distinctly different volumes, the angular, saw-tooth configuration of the residential suites being somewhat subdued by the more rectilinear commercial elements found at grade. All-in-all, AVLI on Atlantic ought to be positive addition to Inglewood, its residential and retail components to breathe new life into the area. 

SkyriseCalgary will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For more information, check out the associated Database file and Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below. 

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