We've written a lot about MoDA's unorthodox designs in recent weeks, including two mid-rise residential projects called BV20 and BLK60. Their penchant for modern and outside-the-box architecture is proving that good design doesn't have to break the bank, and developers looking for a visually striking addition to their portfolio are flocking to the talented practice. Occupying a desirable location along 9 Avenue SE, Inglewood's main street, MoDA's mixed-use Hive project blends commercial, retail, and public space around an existing historical building.

A projector screens movies for the neighbourhood, image via MoDA

In defiance of what MoDA describes as the "current trend towards the privatization of our cities," the project attempts to boost the vibrancy of the local street life by integrating different programs and typologies into a cohesive whole. In contrast to the typical commercial office block, Hive would act as a hub for engagement and neighbourly interaction, allowing the public to animate what would otherwise be a private and corporate structure. 

The site of the proposed redevelopment, image retrieved from Google Street View

The building's commercial and retail programs are interspersed while the second storey, covered in a blackened wood latticework, is pulled back to create a large gathering area. Hive's retail frontage is then transformed into a bleacher-like setting that invites tenants and the public to mingle together. This sweeping wood terrace functions as a space for repose and people-watching on the busy street. 

An aerial rendering portrays Hive's terraced public space, image via MoDA

Serving as another unique community amenity, renderings for the project show a projection screen that could display images and videos for a neighbourhood movie night, arts festivals, concerts, and other cultural spectacles. Whereas most publicly accessible spaces in a new building are structured and formulaic, with the ground floor typically acting as the only incubator of community vitality, Hive subverts that recurrent strategy by spreading the public amenities throughout the entire structure. This idea of "giving architecture back to the city" is what has captivated so many interested onlookers, including our Forum users, who have showered MoDA's creative projects with praise. Hive's development permit, submitted in October 2016, is currently under review by the City.

A artist's illustration of Hive, image via MoDA

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