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Calgary's Downtown Dilemma

I have a memory of seeing White Men Can't Jump there. I think the second tower was under construction at the time.
Famous Players closed the Palace when it opened Bankers Hall.

For a while, the Globe (know as Towne back in the day) had a Red theatre showing mass market movies and a Blue theatre showing porn. Every few months they would swap the physical locations - likely for cleaning. 12 year old me saw Splash (with Tom Hanks) in the Red theatre and saw my Art Teacher in line for the Blue.
Let’s do a theatre roundup:
Palliser Square 2 —> Vertigo Theatre
Bankers Hall —> Data Centre
Watermark (might have been a data centre to begin with) —> paper record room (ComputerShare)
Imperial Oil 9 —> ? Food Court
Grand —> Grand (currently closed)
Palace —> Palace
Eau Claire 6 —> to be demolished
Towne 1 --> closed
Towne 2 --> Globe 2 —> survives for now
Barron/Uptown 1 --> 2 —> 1 --> demolished
Calgary Place 2 --> 3 --> Metropolitan Centre
Hitching Post --> Retail
Capitol --> Retail

Were there others?

So Eau Claire opens out competes the other theatres then shuts down itself. This might be leaving downtown with the fewest theatres in a century.
I don't remember a theatre at Watermark (nee Western Gas Tower).