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Sep 24, 2015
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RNDSQR's proposal for Inglewood.

12 storeys
138 units
12,000 sq ft of Retail
25,000 sq ft Office

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Project website: https://www.rndsqrblock.com/

Really trying to find a downside to this proposal. The only thing would be shadowing on the lawn bowling club? Probably not during the height of summer but I wonder about shoulder seasons while it is still in use.

Any thoughts on what the CA's reaction to this will be?
Now THIS is the caliber that Inglewood needs. Torode - take some GD notes. What a perfect development for that corner.

From their site.
Main floor commercial/retail; two floors office stacked on top of that; 11 floors of residential with "boutique hotel" amenities on top of that.

This is such a great project; it's a perfect site for a big landmark, and I think the design looks great. We don't need Scandinavian starchitects to build great landmarks here anymore!
This is fantastic and I certainly hope it can go forward as designed. Unfortunately I fully expect the CA to come out in opposition to this due to the height.
This totally made my weekend. I imagine there will be some opposition, but the location is perfect with the lawn bowling club in behind it, it won't shadow any residents.