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Calgary Restaurant Thread

I'm also gonna throw a big shout out to some personal friends of mine at Big Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Many years ago, I used to buy his coffee when he was in the beltline . Unfortunately I've forgotten his first name. I'd be embarrassed to re-engage without knowing it. I loved his coffee and conversation.
Just wondering if anyone has eaten at Township in Bow Valley Square? I'm going there for lunch tomorrow for the first time.
How was Township? I always meant to go there when I worked in the area but never made it.

Had dinner at Pulcinella in Kensington last night, might be the best Gnocchi I've had, forgot how good that place is.
Township was average. The food was okay, just not good value. I had the fish and Chips, and it was $20, but no better than what you'd get at Joey's Only. My sister had a cheesburger, and it looked good, but was around $20.00. I guess given the location it's probably expected.

On a positive note, I finally made it to Village Ice Cream, and IMO it lived up to its hype. Not a lot of flavors to choose from, but unique flavors, also even though it was busy the lineup moves quickly. Definitely be going there again.
Think I had a beer at Pied Pickle once, was too long ago to be sure. If you're in the area looking for a good burger for a decent price, the Bear and Kilt is where I would suggest. The decor isn't as nice, but the prices are much better and I would wager that the food is as well...
Did Fiore's on 17 close?
I walked by Friday evening and saw all of the windows papered over. Was surprised to see it. I didn't notice (but didn't look too hard) anything posted about renovations. No permits posted that I can see on the development map. It would be hard to do a land assembly with the Citizen Tower site, given there is a public lane between the two.