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Sep 24, 2015
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The Development permit has already been approved, and the developer has already applied for a Building permit. There has been some activity on the site.

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2015 Nov 6 087.JPG


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It would be totally awesome to see them break ground on this baby :cool:. What's the ETA?
It would be totally awesome to see them break ground on this baby :cool:. What's the ETA?
I haven't heard a date or that they are for sure going ahead, but given that they have applied for a building permit, it's likely that they will go ahead and that it won't be too far off. Also the construction fencing and workers on site probably means a demolition is on the way.
They are seriously going ahead with this? That's awesome but surprising.
I don't think the hotel portion is surprising. I'm not sure if the residential rental tower is going ahead or would be a bit surprising if it did, but I've been surprised a fair bit lately.
So it looks like they are going ahead with this. IMO projects like this are so important for downtown Calgary. Those empty lots around the tracks need to be filled up.
I went past this site today and there action. Not a lot mind you but st least something happening. Across the street at sixth and 10th it was really busy
It seems like they are moving fast on this one.
I like the splashes of colour. Hopefully that spandrel will look fine.