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This was the rendering I saw last.It's from a couple of years ago, but I haven't heard of any changes.
2016 Jan 8 039.JPG
2016 Jan 8 068.JPG
That is the one we saw a couple years ago. He mentions that in his post. I'm hoping it could have changed since, though I do like the tallest of the 4.
Wow, the under-discussed 13th Avenue Greenway is really a beacon for development. Since it's weird, super delayed and unclear development roll-out (2010 - 2012ish, I think) we have seen:
  • Neura (2010)
  • Alura (2014)
  • Portfolio 1 (2016 ish)
  • The Park blue building (2016 ish)
  • Rise of 1st Street SW + streetscape improvements
Soon to have:
  • Curtis Block
  • Portfolio 2, 3, 4
Joke alert (but only kind of): I am increasingly convince the two biggest drivers for urban development and density in this city are Greenway-style, high quality, pedestrian-focused streets and the location of CO-OPs. Imagine if one day we put the two together... ?
Although I can appreciate the density boost and the design is good for these towers, it would be a shame if this building was torn down.

It's got a lot of character and has a rather original design. It would suck to see it disappear.