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Calgary Municipal Politics

Which mayoral candidate do you intend to vote for in 2021?

  • Jeremy Farkas

    Votes: 3 5.1%
  • Jyoti Gondek

    Votes: 43 72.9%
  • Brad Field

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jan Damery

    Votes: 11 18.6%
  • Jeff Davison

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Sparks fly between candidates after first official mayoral debate

Interesting article. Sounds like it may be drifting towards a two man race.

Political scientist Duane Bratt said it's early in the race to tell who will pull ahead as Calgary's newest darling, but one thing is for certain: it'll be hard for veteran Councillor Andre Chabot to wedge his way between the other two heavyweights.

"It's going to be tough for him to get into that two-person race," said Bratt. "That's where the sparks are going to be, it's between the two of them and its going to be tough, as good of a performance I thought Chabot did tonight, it's going to be tough for him to find oxygen."

I guess make it 6 undecided with me now included. While I prefer not to vote for Nenshi, I'm leaning in his direction because of his stance on big matters like the arena, Olympics and Amazon. I'll have to do some more research before I make my final decision. I'll do best to spell out my reasoning when I do. It never hurts to stimulate a little debate.
Undecided for me too. I like some of the things that Nenshi does, but I'm not a big fan of his arrogance and I'd like to see a council that some more cohesive, I think it's time for some change. On the flipside I don't really get any thing from Bill Smith except that he's probably the people who want change will vote for.
I don't mind Chabot, some of his ideas are actually pretty good, and he's got to experience, but he reminds me of Putin lol.
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I'm going with Nenshi. It's true he can be irritating and maybe he's partly to blame for the divisive Council but he's the best of the three. I'm not sure what Smith and Chabot ore actually bringing to the table.
Nenshi I think deserves another term, especially during a time when international engagement matters. Now, 2 more terms? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Who expended a lot of energy on the bike lanes? It was a $10 million pilot (which I will remind everyone, came in under budget). There's no need it needed to be a huge fight except for people like Chu who figured they could make political hay out of it. We have a heavily, suburban conservative council who WANT to waste time on secondary suites every week, instead of simply legalizing it city-wide and handing the issue off to administration. You elect more people like Farkas and Smith and congratulations, you have more people who get paid to sit around and get nothing done.

As for my personal vote: Nenshi, easily. None of these other nobs have a vision for the city, and campaign on really base issues like tax increases. There's no way to get around tax increases (other than loading up on debt) as long as you want multibillion-dollar stretches of freeway (or transit), but let's blame the urban projects that use a fraction of the budget. The mayor's so-called "belligerence" (really? here's a band-aid for your hurt feelings) is a non-issue.

I've been loath to comment much on this. Nothing fouls up the air quite like talking politics. I'm not a huge fan of Nenshi myself, but he isn't without his positive qualities. I find his demeanor to be arrogant and his political style to be belligerent. There's been some slow progress of projects I actually care about like the ring road and greenline, but a whole lot of energy seems to have been expended on matters I would consider on the fluffier side like bike lanes, "sustainability" and affordable housing along with a litany of tax increases. These are just my opinions and I don't try to attach any kind of personal connotations if you disagree with me. People share different priorities. I did however feel compelled to express a contrarian opinion.
Nenshi all the way for my vote. Chabot has not impressed historically as Alderman for my riding.

Bill Smith wants to lower taxes and cut spending - fine - what are you going to cut? Specific policy (paraphrased by me below) on his web site:

- Streamline regulations shorten time for development applications
> I agree with this point and consider it a disappointment that Nenshi was not able to deliver on this in two terms.
- Safety - "seen crime dramatically increase" His great budgeting skills can fix this!
> Standard fear mongering trotted out time and time again by conservatives
- "The Green Line requires a rethink"
> Hello, the current plan IS the rethink! His "working with industry suppliers" isn't going to magically make 4.5 billion dollars cover the whole project from north to south. He implies that so much money should at least "reach the new hospital or the suburbs"
- New arena "can be constructed with minimal direct cost to Calgary"
> Depending on how you want to interpret that, you could say he is on the same page as Nenshi on that one. Surprised the media hasn't picked up on that point.
- '26 Olympic bid: He'd like to see it happen but only if costs less than $2.4 billion
> I'm against any Olympics, not willing to spend $2.4 billion either, or a lot less!
- Public consultation "major deterioration in public consultation process"
> Disagree with this one. Overall there are more ways now to have your say than ever before, thanks to the internet. I expect that council business will occasionally have to be conducted behind closed doors, but I grant it's difficult to gauge if it is justified.

So overall, not impressed with Mr BS at all; he is living up to his initials.

From what I have seen directly in the last two terms of Nenshi, he gets my vote because my community (Mayland Heights) has seen some modest improvements in the pedestrian, cycling and even driving realm. There are better cycling options for me than previously going back and forth to work The city is better at informing me about projects I am interested in and giving me feedback opportunities, although the website is still not so great for searching and finding information. SE BRT will improve my cycling ride as well once finished, and provide much better downtown access for Forest Lawn and surrounding area. I'm happy with the plan that has been put forth for the Green Line - I consider it better to build a smaller amount "right the first time". I see more trees have been planted in the last 8 years than probably the previous 20, although less weed control bugs me. On the negative front, I'd rather have a more basic green bin/blue bin program that doesn't cost so much per month. I could wish for a council that works together better, but Nenshi gets only part of the blame there. I prefer less government, Nenshi prefers more.

So overall, Nenshi doesn't get my vote as best Mayor of all the planet, but he still gets my vote come election day.
COC Mayoral candidate debate from Monday Oct 2nd:
I watch this and was surprised that Chabot seemed to be most pro "Flames at any cost" candidate, in fact that was the only time he really showed any passion in the debate. Nenshi and Bill Smith pretty much towed their respective (similar) lines on a stadium deal. Nenshi seemed irritated and a bit distracted at times, although he did have a strong line about working to make a great city for everyone regardless of race-sex-religion. Bill Smith was pushing the less spending, less taxes, pro business line that has gotten many a conservative elected in times past. I'd give the debate win to Nenshi, but only on my opinion that he was slightly less mediocre than Bill Smith. Chabot fell flat - can see why he is not picking up any votes.

One additional tidbit: Bill Smith's opinion bit on CBC's website - not much to add.
Bill Smith and the other candidates anointed by the conservative establishment (Farkas, Davis, etc.) are banking on a vision of this city characterized by small-mindedness and a deep insecurity; a vision of the city that is deathly afraid to stand up to its own sport franchise (or any big business for that matter), that is suspicious of any change, no matter how small like a bike lane, a BRT, or a mid-rise condo, and that feels threatened and belittled by public art. Their Calgary is a city inhabited by people who only live here out of necessity, not choice, and who cloister themselves in their suburban McMansions to avoid exposure to civic life.

I think they have Calgary totally wrong and, as a result, they're going to lose this election. They're going to lose despite all of the financial and organizational advantages they've been given by the conservative establishment.
^Agreed. Calgary's kind of at a level now where people want the city to improve. Nenshi's biggest problem is his own personality IMO, I know that he has turned off some people..even people who like what he's done.
If he loses and Smith wins, I hope the next election features a guy like Nenshi, but with better bedside manner.