BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

Material on the south side. Too bad there isn't any sunlight this morning, but even in the grayest crappiest lighting the material looks promising on the concave portion.

The renders show the cladding on the roof, I can see that being VE'd out. I would hope the breezeway arm is at least clad, the rest of the roof can be a membrane.
The overhang roof will be the copper-esque stuff. The primary roof likely won’t be, but that’s fine as it is completely not in the field of view even from Scotsman.
Hard to tell if they are the same panels as the ones in the back. We can official declare that they will not be metallic like the tiles on the NMC or Royal Oak YMCA, but maybe the front panels will have a little more sheen than the panels on the backside