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Mar 28, 2016
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A thread for the beautiful Beacon project at 3110 17 Avenue SW in Killarney/Westbrook. This along with West 17 will do a lot to jumpstart the urban intensification of that area in line with the ARP. The project will include four street-level CRUs and the second floor will be office space, along with a large light well in the centre of the building which will house trees and other plants.




It's gives off a mature, for lack of a better word, vibe. Like a business man in a well tailored suit who doesn't have time for his own sens of humour.

If that didn't quite sound like an endorsement, well it was supposed to. I really like it, but not unreservedly. For starters, how well is going to fit into the area? I guess we'll have to see how the neighbourhood takes shape as other developments come in. For a while it might be a humourless businessman in a suburan McDonalds.:p Secondly, it is very of the times. The right angles, the white, black and brass, the exposed wood, these are a few of the cur-rrent things! Not necessarily a bad thing, but this kind of design is definitely what I reflect on and wonder, "What are we going to think of this in 20 years?" It's gonna scream 2010s, but hopefully in a good way.
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Sorry for the terrible image, but looking closely one can see that excavation is well underway.

May 7, 2018



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From today...



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That is surprising for a one floor building. I was expecting maybe one floor max for underground. I think given the single floor they could have even gotten away without any underground.

Beacon is 2 floors.
Beacon is 2 floors.
Yep, two floors. That and in there media blurb it says the underground parking will meet and exceed the city's parking requirements. With the extra stalls needed for medical, they were probably over one level of u/g and decided to do two fill levels, as it's not much different than 1 1/2 levels.