1216 8th Street | 85.04m | 25s | Great West Life | Zeidler

I agree with most people's comments that it's a nice addition but not ground breaking. However, I'm excited that this building will contribute to the improving 8th streetscape, which I feel like is turning into a nice north-south connection with the addition of the Urban Fare and Canadian Tire. It will be nice if they can start the improvements to 8th street to get better pedestrian experience. However, the hole that is the Safeway parking lot is still a disaster 😖
A bit higher resolution of a render here...

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There is something wrong with the camera match in this shot. The scale factor seems wrong with regards to the contextual building adjacent, and the balconies. I only bring it up because it makes the tower and podium look really forced in. I guess I'm just "nit picking". I don't mind the tower, but it seems to crush the the podium.