1216 8th Street | 85.04m | 25s | Great West Life | Zeidler

The gas station must have been a long time ago. I only ever remember that building that was there, and that's going back to the early 90's.
That Project on 8th St SW East Side. Its Been a While Since I have Been in
DT/Belt Line. there Used to B a Gas Station next to 1210 8th St, SW. Take it
that this is the Ares Reffered to - Tnx.
dominos moved out, weed shop closed. the building is empty now fwiw

We might have lucked out a bit. It appears the orange squares are a metallic panels wit a Corten steel look, and there's not a lot of it. Might look pretty decent in the end.

Ya, the corten is just at street level. The band all the way up, and the underside of the balconies is the "wood" look material. My preference would be the other way around, but I myself prefer corten over fake wood.
6/10 for me. Seems like a more sterile version of 11th + 11th. The corten steel is a nice and very expensive touch. I hope we move away from this grey metal and/or EIFS panel trend sooner than later.
as in the case of upten, for this location not having at least a two level podium is a fail
we might see more condo proposals go ahead now with the current real estate stats...detached house prices going up and might be out of reach in a year or two
. and Canadians love investing in real estate!
Totally inoffensive. I like it. Reminds me of Metroplace in Burnaby, just less glass. The render doesn't seem to hide any awful design choices either.