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    Calgary | The Bridge | 52.42m | 16s | Jemm Properties | Zeidler

    The low rise portion of this gives me prison vibes. Very surprised to see they went with juliet balconies on the park-facing elevation. Overall 6/10 for me.
  2. Urb

    Calgary | The Dells | 48m | 15s | Remington Group | Systemic Architecture

    Wow, curtain wall in this location is very surprising. Relative to the other towers in the NW, this looks really good.
  3. Urb

    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    Gensler (Chicago) has one of the best mixed-use, multi-phase design teams on the planet. That being said, I think their concept for this project leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. Urb

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    This is going to be a game changer for the area. IMO, it will have a much larger impact than the new arena. Based on the renderings, looks like minimal V/E to the exterior :D
  5. Urb

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    There is a new cycle (4-6 buildings) brewing in the EV, but we likely won't see construction starting for another 18-24 months.
  6. Urb

    Calgary | 4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    This looks fantastic. Moar please!
  7. Urb

    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    Although the podium is stepped back from Stephen Ave, the bar-style massing will make the building feel stark and oppressive. I am all for adding residential to the core, but this podium needs work.
  8. Urb

    Calgary | Soveriegn | 40.54m | 14s | Avi Urban | GEC

    Agreed - the previous design was better
  9. Urb

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Typically, underground parking garages are not profitable. They are a necessary evil to lease/sell the residential and/or commercial space above.
  10. Urb

    General Construction Updates

    I'd rather see the EV and C & E built out first, then move to the WV.
  11. Urb

    Calgary | BLVD Beltline | 118.87m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    You might just get your wish ;)
  12. Urb

    General Construction Updates

    They are going to demo the YMCA facility and build a residential tower. Telsec is the buyer.
  13. Urb

    Calgary | Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    Doubtful. Every tower in that area will have underground parking.
  14. Urb

    Calgary | Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    or maybe a hybrid scenario, where the bury a portion of the parking and leave some above grade.
  15. Urb

    Calgary | Louis on 9th | ?m | 12s | Landstar

    Amazing location for a patio. Glad to see they're scrapping the parking.