Today's Throwback Thursday feature captures 5 years of change to the Calgary's most recent high-rise hotel, The Residence Inn by Marriott. Images from the same vantage point in 2014, 2016, 2017, and then 2019, highlight the Residence Inn's growth from an empty lot to a high rise tower.

This image from April of 2014 shows an empty lot with the former Alberta Boot building still on the premise. A little over a year later in November of 2015, the Alberta Boot building was demolished as the first step towards building the 300+ room hotel.

May 2014, image via Google Streetview

Drilling an pile installation began in January of 2016, with excavation shortly after that. Moving on to August of 2016, we see the project is not only well underway, but is already above grade. 

Aug 2016, Image by Forum Member Surrealplaces

From that point on the tower would rise fast as the once the podium was complete, the repeating floors in the tower portion would be created at roughly a floor per week. In April of 2017, construction crews are already a little over halfway up to the final 36 floors, and glass and spandrel installation has begun.

Apr 2017, Image by Forum Member Beltline_b

A few months later in late August of 2017 the structure would reach it's final height and work would shift focus to the exterior cladding installation and interior work. In January of 2018 the exterior material installation would be completed, and the building would appear finished from the outside. The crane would later come down a month later in February, and then work would continue on the interior side. After approximately a year, and what seemed like a lengthy wait the Hotel opened to the public in early 2019.

Nov 2019, Image by Forum Member GoVertical

Designed by IBI Group, the final product turned out to be a striking addition to the Beltline's skyline, and the new hotel has added vibrancy to the 10th avenue streetscape.

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