Back in November we caught up with The Edward just was exterior cladding work was in its initial stages. At that time vision glass had been installed and brickwork had just begun, but there wasn't much visibility on the brickwork due to tarps and scaffolding.

View of construction at southeast corner, image via Kevin Cappis

Recent photos however show great progress on the brickwork and with much of the tarp and scaffolding removed we can now get a good look at the nearly finished product. The photos reveal an angular, modern look, both in shape and color. The light tan colored brick, not accented with anything other than the large punched out window blocks makes for a striking design. 

View of vision glass wall on east side, image via Kevin Cappis

The mid section of the building features a wall largely made of tinted vision glass that contrasts nicely with modern tan brick and punched windows. The Approximately 95 unit building developed by Section23 sits adjacent to the redeveloped King Edward Art Incubator, and sharp looking project made up of a mix of stone and glass.

View of construction at southwest corner, image via Kevin Cappis

The development still has more to go, with the north side of the building now covered in tarp as brickwork takes place on that side project. Once that portion is completed we will have competed visibility to The Edward as a whole. SkyriseCalgary will be sure to revisit the project at that time, so stay tuned for future updates. For more information on this project, be sure to check out the associated database file, for photo updates and discussion check out the forum related thread, and as always feel free to leave comments in the comment section below.