There has been substantial progress at COCO since we last checked up Sarina Homes' most recent project in Marda Loop. In our last check up from October, exterior work was still underway but nearing completion. Fast forward to today, and the building is all but complete. Tenants began moving in in December, and with almost all work is done, except finishing touches, the project is all but completed.

View of the building, image by Kevin Cappis

Recent photos from the forum thread show the exterior and front entrance complete, and the sidewalks that front the building open for use again. The finished product is a stylish modern building of primarily off white tones, with brown and charcoal accents. It also features top floor units with terraces, and an outdoor courtyard in its core.

View of the courtyard, image by Kevin Cappis

The 76 unit development should be a good addition to the neighborhood, as it will add approximately 150 people to Marda Loop's already burgeoning retail corridor, and an urban street presence to that section of 33rd Avenue SW. With COCO now finished off, we will keep an eye on the Harrison, Sarina's next project in Marda Loop.

Rendering of how project will look in Spring/Summer, image via Sarina Homes

SkyriseCalgary will be sure to return to other projects in Marda Loop as well as others by Sarina homes. For more information on COCO, check out the associated Database file and Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.