SkyriseCalgary recently learned that Humpy Hollow Park in Calgary's Beltline neighborhood is being considered for a proposed make over. The name may not be well known to most, but the park itself is certainly known, as it sits alongside the bustling 17th avenue corridor, and is located in Calgary's densest neighborhood.

Despite that many people will have walked or driven past the park, it is for the most part fairly unremarkable and hasn't seen a lot of updates or refurbishment over the years. Though pleasant enough, it could easily be described as nondescript.

Artist rendition of park concept, image via Beltline Neighborhood Association

All that may change. The City of Calgary has plans in the works to spruce up the park, with some new uses and some new landscaping. Funding will not come directly from the city, but rather the BCIF (Beltline Community Investment Fund), a fund built up by developers who have contributed to the fund in return for approval for higher densities on their projects.

Existing park, image via Google Maps

Though still in the public engagement stage, the concept looks to incorporate a water park area for dogs, as well as new seating arrangements, and movable chairs. Other new ideas include adding bike racks, and an open areas with patio stones. The new concept is more urban and adult, and less of a children's park - though it has not yet been determined if the existing children's play area will stay. This could be because the new Haultain park two blocks away has a large children's play area and is very busy, it also contains a large lawn space area. Whatever the outcome id for the park, updating park space in the Beltline is always good news.

SkyriseCalgary will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For updates and discussion check out  the Forum related thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.