Nearly three months since our last update, and progress at Eisenberg in Kensington has moved significantly forward. What was then little more than an excavation pit back in May, has blossomed into a full-fledged build site, as the first of three storeys has now risen above grade. 

Eisenberg, on the rise, image by Forum contributor Always_Biking

Situated in the middle of Calgary's popular Kensington district, on the north side of the Bow, at 10 St NW, Eisenberg will blend office space with retail. Featuring a ground floor retail space fronting directly onto the 10 St NW corridor, above which two floors of glass-fronted office space will sit, Eisenberg will have a thoroughly modern, open vibe. 

Eisenberg, rear view, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

Designed by NORR Architects, the renderings for the project (see below), highlight a beautiful space, one which will do much to nudge Kensington's current single-storey precedent towards a slightly taller, denser, format. Moreover, the open nature of the design will help ingratiate the project into the streetscape, the mixed-use approach to bring a constant flow of new people and energy into the district. 

Eisenberg, as it will appear upon completion, image via NORR Architects

Once complete, Eisenberg will be a fine addition to Kensington, the development part and parcel of the neighbourhood's ongoing urban transformation. 

SkyriseCalgary will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For more information, check out the associated Database file and Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below. 

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