Just when you thought there was hope the City would make a final decision regarding the planning and construction of the long-awaited Green Line LRT, a new tunnelling proposal has come along that could very well prove to be a game changer. According to a recent report to City Council by Green Line project manager Paul Giannelia, Calgary's poor soil conditions mean that a large, single-bore solution would best serve the 4-km underground portion of the $4.6-billion line, as opposed to the more traditional twin-bore tunnelling practice as seen in most subway systems around the world. 

Single-Bore VS Twin-Bore, image via City of Calgary

Viewed above, the single-bore model would see the construction of one extra large tunnel, instead of two separate tunnels side-by-side, through which trains would travel in either direction one above the other. Passengers would enter and exit the platforms via a single entry shaft, placed to one side of the road above, as opposed to having a single entry point placed between the tracks to be accessed from the middle of the street. The main advantages of the twin-bore method appear to be three-fold; hinging upon lower construction costs, less disruption during construction (access points moved to side of road), and a more efficient layout once it is complete (station access not in the middle of the road). 

Green Line LRT Map, showing tunnelled section/stations, image via City of Calgary

The Green Line LRT will run underground from 20 Ave to Macleod Trail, the 4-km subterranean route passing beneath the Bow River, the downtown core, light rail, heavy rail, and countless major power and water utilities. To put it lightly, this will be a massively disruptive, albeit highly transformative project for the city, one for which major decisions about its construction could have significant short- and long-term ramifications. 

In essence, it is critical that the Green Line engineers and City Hall staff get this right. 

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