With projects like Village and BLK60, MoDA has made a name for themselves in the ever-evolving field of architecture. You won't find intrusive mullions, projecting balconies, or unappealing spandrel in much of their work. Instead, they've set out to create a new brand of multi-family housing that rejects utilitarian architecture and cements their refreshing proclivity for innovation and avant-garde urban design. After winning awards from industry and praise from local architecture enthusiasts, including our Forumers, a recent venture brought them to the hilly landscape of Bankview, where they have fashioned an identity for a new 20-unit development by RNDSQR called BV20.

BV20, image by Turbulent via MoDA

A 20-foot elevation change between the southeast corner and the northwest corner of the site at 2418 16A Street SW presents a unique opportunity for the requisite parkade, which will be situated at grade, resulting in the rear units being pushed vertically. That saves a significant amount of money for the developer, who would otherwise have to dig deep and bury the parking underground.

The elevation change at the site, image retrieved from Google Street View

The four-storey block is broken down into three shifting "topographic bars" clad in maintenance-free weathered cedar siding and vertical aluminum grating. The outcome is a massing that features terraces and gradients, which help spread sunlight and views to all units.

BV20 takes advantage of its sloped site, image by Turbulent via MoDA

The collision of landscaping and amenity spaces creates a lively "socialscape" where the building's inhabitants can mix and mingle. The rooftop, a heavily grassed space with pathways and potential vegetable plots, will cultivate both gardens and community interaction. Further variegated foliage will don the exterior, enhancing the visual appeal of the development while also providing the practical function of privacy screening.

A communal rooftop green space activates an otherwise desolate area, image by Turbulent via MoDA

According to The Globe and Mail, BV20 will offer a variety of unit sizes with a median price of approximately $275,000. The development permit, having been approved in December, is currently pending release. Once a building permit is applied for and granted, construction can begin.

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