A development permit has been approved and is pending release for a new multi-residential development in Shaganappi. With Bow Trail to the north and single-family homes to the south, the project at 1408 27th Street SW has unique site conditions to respond to. Its resulting design, courtesy of the Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MoDA), brings a sufficient dose of urbanism to a property within steps of the Blue Line's Shaganappi Point station.

The development's two volumes, image via MoDA

To replace three standalone bungalows, the project evokes the relationship between the heavily used public transit stop and the private dwellings by proposing a massing that is bold yet intimately scaled. Envisioned as two distinct volumes, clad in an opposing black and white palette, a bridge with micro studios and amenity spaces provides the necessary link between the blocks. An internal street — which renderings show could be used as a play space — lies below this connecting element. 

A rendering of the project, named BLK60, image via MoDA

The north mass was designed to effectively serve as a "habitable sound wall," according to MoDA, with its elongated form protecting the rest of the project physically and psychologically from the noise pollution of Bow Trail. In transitioning to the lighter, southern block from this impenetrable component, the project seeks inspiration from its low-rise neighbours. The pitched roofs that define the neighbourhood vernacular are embodied in the crown of the southern volume. A series of recessed outdoor spaces precludes the protruding balcony look that can interrupt the cohesive rhythm of the exterior.

An internal street separates the two volumes, image via MoDA

MoDA's website gives some additional insight into the rationale behind the design: "Compared to the norms of speculative development, BLK60 aspires to balance density against a diverse assortment of individual homes vs. standardized unit types, provide a multiplicity of collective vs. private amenity spaces, and foster a sense of human scale by way of careful articulation of the building's mass."

The project breakdown, image via MoDA

So far, the project has been lauded on our Forum, with users praising the architecture and scale of the development. We'll continue to track this project as it enters the construction phase. In the meantime, additional images and information can be found in the Database file linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion or share your photos? Check out the associated Forum thread or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.