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Sep 24, 2015
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Might as well start a thread for this. 137 units (15 Two Bedroom units, 122 1 bedroom units) 3 levels of underground parking with 81 parking stalls. The normal requirement would be 117 spaces but they are asking for a relaxation. Materials are mixture of EIFS metal and EIFS stucco.

There will be a rendering out soon enough, but for the time being, just picture 1215 (also by Amble), except having a stucco/metallic panel mix rather than spandrel, and the major colors being light gray, dark gray and brownish-red.


Edit: Render added Oct 29


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Can you please share more details about this project? Who is the general contractor-ITC? Start date?
No real details as of yet, as the permit submitted only recently. I don't think it's been through CPC yet. It's going to be a rental, so if it gets approved, it's possible it can start without much warning.
The design of the 'townhouses' or ground floor residential on 1215 should be used as a lesson of how NOT to design ground floor residential - completely misses the mark on good, functional design of interfacing the public and private realms. Hope they do better on this project.
Not sure if it's been discussed, but demolition fencing and a development permit sign was up last night at the corner of 14th Avenue & 7th Street SW in the Beltline. Looks like the three houses there are being torn down for a 100+ unit multi-family, had already ripped a bunch of stuff out of the houses. Would post the link but development map isn't working.
beauty, so easy to not mess up a condo, makes me wonder why we have so many that are.

great addition, really starting to fill in around that part of the beltline.
The red accents are a nice touch. The change to white for the penthouse floors is completely unnecessary. Nothing about it would make me give it a second glance. That's okay for filler.