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Sep 24, 2015
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I count 7 right now. They are about halfway done 8th, and that half floor has only taken a few days. I think they'll be topped out by May, or mid May latest.

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This shot up super fast. Not exactly a looker, should spur so more redevelopment along 16th ave though. Would the city ever dare to convert a traffic lane to wider sidewalks/separated bike lanes? 16th Ave could be a decent urban boulevard eventually.
These guys are close to being finished. They still have the tarp covering the building but I noticed some open sections and it looks mostly done.
Pretty gray, but in all fairness it does look mostly like the rendering. I'd like to see it again with all the tarp off and on a sunny day.
Two things to improve this building have nothing to do with the building itself:
  1. The City needs to allow on-street parking to give retail a chance. This was a huge part of the rationale to the 16th Avenue expansion 10 years ago.
  2. 16th Avenue Crosstown BRT can't come soon enough, this is the kind of development that really matches well with proper transit.
Any other complaint from me is purely subjective based on colouring etc. I think this is the exact type of thing we need in more areas in the inner city.
I never thought about on street parking, but yeah, 16th is always going to kind of a gong show type of road unless they do something like that. Still a busy road with large trucks going by regularly, especially before and after rush hour. It would be great to see a couple more of those types of developments along centre street. There are a few popping up, but something of this scale would be great.