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Infill Development Discussion


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Aug 11, 2018
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Proposed Infill in Parkhill. Thoughts if this was your community? Is MODA respected?

One neighbor is very much against it for the reasons posted below (we received a flyer). I did my best to paraphrase my neighbors intent, as he/she posted very lengthy statements, and I could of misinterpreted something. I should also state I don't necessary agree/disagree with them, but am interested in peoples thoughts. Some of their reasons do seem inappropriate to be concerned about to me.

-"3-plex" (2 units plus a basement suite) with only 2 parking spots
-Parking spots come off back ally at a "difficult spot" in the ally to navigate when filled with snow / not possible to access
-congested service bins (i.e. recycling) from current 3 to 9
-potential structural concerns to neighbors houses when new infill is constructed or trees are removed (no information regarding the person who wrote this, and if they have the qualification to make that statement)
-removal of mature trees from lot
-rental unit- therefore owner only benefits himself (not sure how this matters) and not the community. Also, units like this will increase foot traffic community wide increasing crime
-reduces green-space - significantly impacts the community landscape if this sets precedent
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Thoughts for this in Park Hill?
So this went to council yesterday, but the video isn't posted yet. Any way one could find out the result of the discussion prior to the video being posted if I didn't watch it live?
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Sep 24, 2015
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I really like those townhomes. Love the brick, but I really like the white that was showed in the renderings also.

Electrical Storm

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Nov 1, 2017
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Painted white brick is a great covering. I'd like it if they did that, although the brick as it looks great, painted white brick would elevate it.
These are stunning - but they are going for $1.4M per unit (personally asked the builder as I was interested in these).

Those rowhomes in Capitol Hill for $600k are pretty reasonable IMHO. Similar listings in the same community are asking similar pricing, without park views. RNDSQR stuff in Altadore is selling for high 600s, Killarney low to mid 600s so this would be market pricing, assuming it is similar product.
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May 26, 2016
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At first glance it doesn't look like anything spacial, just another small but decent infill development, but then you compare it to the ones beside it built in the 90's and it seems so nice. There has been good improvement with infills over the past couple of decades.

There was a DP issued last year for a project at this location on McDougall Rd NE, and has since been approved, now they are selling. Briobridgeland. 4 floors, including roooftop terrace.

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Apparent view from 3rd floor.
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Mountain Man

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Mar 9, 2017
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Question I've always had: why does brick seem to water stain worse in Calgary? Is it the hard water?
As far as I understand, hard water is a groundwater problem (caused by our proximity to the Limestone of the Rockies), rain water should be much more pure...