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Mar 28, 2016
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Arlington Street Investments' new hotel proposal on 17 Avenue has some new renders, so I figured I'd create a thread for it. The hotel will have 110 guest rooms, 2 floors of retail, and a rooftop patio on the 2nd floor.





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It sucks though because it just feels like a tease. Id love to see this project break ground this year but its probably a ways away from starting up. If it does get built, that whole strip on 17th from 7th st to 9th st would easily become the undisputed epicentre of 17th ave for the time being.
This is just what the Beltline needs. A nice boutique hotel. I know there are a couple of hotels nearby (Hotel Elan and Best Western), but this is front and centre on 17th ave, also it's not just a renovated apartment building.
This is a perfect project for that location. I've always thought the Beltline could use another hotel or two, especially in the heart of the Beltline.

I guess now the question is, how long until it gets built, if ever. With rumors of money issues at ASI is this a pipe dream?
We'll know more once we see what happens with The Windsor and the reno of the 5th street 17th ave building.
What a nice looking proposal. As @IceCreamMan put it, 17th ave needs a hotel. Visitors to the city, staying there will get a completely different perspective of Calgary.
I've been saying for years that 17th Ave needs a hotel or three, so it's about time. Love the design too (although the retail at grade looks just a wee bit generic).

I mean, over the last five years, the Beltline has gotten three fairly significant sized hotels (Marriott Residence Inn, Fairfield Marriott, and Hotel Elan), so your wish has been granted already :p