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Sep 24, 2015
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Edit (Sept 11, 2019) Looks like this has nor been changed to a new project with a new developer: Wexford. New Architect: Ziedler, and is now 61 units.

New rendering now out.


Previous design

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Speaking with the team at Altus, the sales team could not meet the required sales test and the developer has abandoned the project for now.
I was wondering what happened with this one, sorry to hear it was pout on the backburner.
I would be happy if they kept the design, it's pretty decent. Ziedler does some decent stuff, so if they change the design, it'll probably be okay. Either way the design should be good, and it would be nice to see that empty lot developed.
Do you know if they kept the general design of the building and just reconfigured the floor plans to accommodate extra units?
The rendering I saw was somewhat different from the one above. Could be they squeezed in more suites by making them smaller. Hard to tell from the angle of it but it looked like there may have been more balconies. Exterior colouring is different. Top 3 floors are white all the way around the building. Lower two floors is similar colouring to the Scollen House rendering.