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Sep 24, 2015
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Thread for the new affordable housing project in Bridgeland, seeing as it's under construction now. 104 units of affordable housing via Bishop O'Byrne housing Association. Located Here.

Edit: This is the proper rendering.
200 Nina Gardens Aerial-Front.jpg
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What the hell. I know affordable housing doesn't always have to look high end or be an architectural wonder, but this looks like something from 1995. Just a shame.

Oh goodie, thanks for the updated rendering. Looks so much better.
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I'm not fussed with the look of it. I will say from the rendering, it is kind of sad to see such a giant surface parking lot 600m from an LRT station, in an inner city neighborhood, for a building which is supposed to house people that are struggling to pay rent.
About time this got going! I know someone who moved out of the old housing that was there more than 4 years ago..
I can live with that. *phew*
I'm happy with it. It's an affordable housing project in with a cluster of other affordable housing projects. It's decent enough, and as always the city could use more affordable housing.