COCO | 14.93m | 4s | Sarina Homes

The whole inner city could use a beef-up of amenities. As of last year our inner city is back up to (and above) our all-time population, yet over the decades our amenities have been largely removed or simply not built (community centres, arenas, swimming pools, etc.) Unfortunately the only lots that could accommodate such developments are in the far east and far west of the Beltline, the far north of Sunalta, the West Village, and along the tracks. The value of all these lands probably entirely preclude the construction of any such facility to rival the edge-of-the-city community centres.
Regarding the inner city amenities void, there is a large need for a public recreation centre to be built in the West Village. That area is underserved for fitness and recreation opportunities and has the potential to reach many neighborhoods in all directions. Obviously the fieldhouse is no longer being considered for that location, but a new recreation centre there would really be a benefit to the inner city.