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Sep 24, 2015
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Development permit submitted for a 15 storey, 85 unit residential development in Calgary's Beltline.



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@Zoomi No public pics yet.
@Beltline_B No developer listed on the DP, but Chelsea Construction submitted the DP. Both Chelsea Construction and Max Tayefi Architect are newly listed numbered companies.
I've seen the renderings for it and it's a nice enough looking project. Mostly white with black accents. The material looks to be EIFS, a departure from the recent trend of glass and spandrel, and not a lot of window on the building. The windows are thin vertical windows spaced a fair bit apart...... The exact material is hard to tell from the DP as it lists the materials as white cladding, black cladding, white EIFS, black EIFS. The bulk of the outside falls under the white and black cladding (whatever material that may be)

The design reminds me of the Jumeirah Hotel in Frankfurt..not the massing but the way the windows are.

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I hope this one goes forward. Lots of great modern coming to town. :) It makes me wonder how Calgary's crop of new buildings stacks up against other cities.
I think Calgary's newest buildings are pretty solid. N3, Verve, Park Point, The Royal, and this one are ones that would fit in, or be very good in most cities. Citizen Tower may seem kind of bland at first glance, but I think it's quite stylish.
I like that the windows are a bit slimmer. Normally I like big wide windows, but we have lots of that going in. This will have a bit of a retro look.
Interesting look, not much in the way of glass, but has that sort of retro look to it. I wouldn't like this one as a 30 storey tower, but as a 15 storey one, it's good.