Catalyst | 22.86m | 6s | Centron | NORR

Im ok with it. It will help kickstart development in this area for more dense living. Not every building will be beautiful. It isn't even that ugly, just busy. When more buildings start joining the street it wont be as noticable
Exactly. I don’t know if they chose the name Catalyst for that reason, but it is apropos.
The flood in the building in September has been very costly. Originally, people were supposed to move in last October. Now it appears that it will be sometime in the spring. I would imagine the insurance claim and resulting battle has been ugly.
A couple of years ago if somebody told me there were wall systems that could be prefabbed and brought over to site, I would’ve thought these six story wood frames to go up quickly, but they’re slower than concrete builds.
I’m assuming they don’t have enough people on site to compete with time sensitive concrete builds.