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Alberta Provincial Politics

If an election was held today, who would you vote for?

  • UCP

    Votes: 4 8.0%
  • NDP

    Votes: 41 82.0%
  • Liberal

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Alberta Party

    Votes: 3 6.0%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 2 4.0%

  • Total voters
Hi All,
My Vote? Clearly U C P. Yes I Sound Like a Two Faced Hypocrite Really, Reason, Not Straight, In Theory I should B Voting N D P. Don't Like that Federal Leader and I'm NO Fan of Racey Notley Either, I KNOW from Experience what Its Like When the WRONG Political Parties Get into Power,
In Nov 76 the PQ Seized the Gvmnt on an Election that Went Wrong, In April 78 With the Help from Friends in CANADA I had a Chance to MOVE WEST, I Jumped
on It and Moved to Calgary,Been Here Ever Since. THIS is NOW My HOME, I NEVER Thought I'd See Alberta Make the Same Mistake quebec Made 40 Yrs Ago. Voting in the WRONG Party, a Jerk with an Anti Business Attitude, a Finance Minister who Spends Like Crazy etc, A Carbon Tax and Kills Investments and Business.
in ALBERTA. Me? I am Going to"Make Alberta Great Again" Voting U C P, NO REGRETS,
Do you take advantage of services like Bullfrog Power for your home/business?

Thanks for the link! I'll look into. Nonetheless, this is a bit like saying "I have an ideological attachment to clear drinking water, so I'll make the personal choice not to dump toxic chemicals into the Glenmore. But to each their own. If you have a different ideology, dump all the chemicals you want."
True, but it is still up to you whether you dump chemicals into the reservoir. If you friend's jumped off a cliff....
I'd vote NDP in a heartbeat, considering the mismanaged shit sandwich they were left with in the wake of the five decades of unchallenged PC dominion, and how well they have dealt with that as well as the collapse of oil prices. I could literally never consider the UCP as an option, due to their socially backward ideologies... and christ... Jason Kenney? What a scary thought to think of such an American-esque "man" like that getting elected Premier.
Well, A UCP MLA just likened marijuana legalization to the communist revolution in China, so with that and JK's anti-gay agenda, the social conservatism that is taking hold of that party guarantees my vote for NDP. We cant have a government that is determined to run the place like it's 1950 still...
I'd like to think that most Albertans are progressive enough to not entertain some of the ass backwards ideas echoed by some UCP members. We're a fairly urban province as it is. There's no shortage of radical conservative opinions (growing up outside of the city, I've seen my fair share of blatantly racist and homophobic ideologies) but surely they're over-represented in the media. I guess we'll see!
I am a life long conservative and Calgarian. Almost all of my friends and family have either business or engineering back grounds so for the most part they tend conservative too. Not one of them has ever uttered to me a racist or bigoted remark remotely of sort that often lands in the media. You can't deny that it exists, but I think the sensational nature of these kinds of remarks makes them more likely to land in the media. It's a little like Omid Djalili's "Muslim Nutcase with a Hook" bit (skip to 3:59 for the bit, but the whole set is great).

For my own part, I don't qualify myself as either strictly fiscal or social conservative. I have a natural tendency towards fiscal conservatism, but as I've gotten older I'd say I have more of a true Tory bent. I'm a monarchist and an institutional traditionalist. I largely have no opinion on LGBT matters. People have the right to live their lives as they choose and as such the state has no place in people's bedrooms. It's really not a matter that gets me riled up either way. I can absolutely see why guys like UW are sensitive and engaged about it and that's their right. He and people like him have my sympathies, but it's existential for them. As far as these matters cross into politics, I think so little to do with the functioning of a state it amounts to dragging governance down into a sideshow.
I think the sensational nature of these kinds of remarks makes them more likely to land in the media

Very true. I roll my eyes when I hear people bashing Alberta for its conservatism or being the "Texas of the north". I don't think that's true at all. Sure there are some crazies but they're by no means representative of the entire province. It comes down to an urban vs. rural thing. Alberta is great for its people.
I agree. However, I believe that Alberta will not be "great" for its people if Kenney is elected Premier, considering the massive minority population this province has. Similar to the situation in the US since the election of Trump, it will embolden bigots to openly practice their hate again. Even just since the election of Trump, even though we're not part of the US, hate crimes have significantly increased in frequency in Alberta. I'm not personally concerned as I'm a big guy and I know how to fight, but most of my gay friends aren't as privileged to have that body type/intimidation factor.

Source on hate crime increase:
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If there was a dismissive-ness of all rights I might agree with Spudski, that it would just be an unfortunate undercurrent, not a wellspring of policy. But there seems to be a current where the perceived rights of property owners, gun owners, natural born citizens, farmers and drillers supersede everyone else's rights, while being dismissive of workers rights, women's rights, renters rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, and our general environmental obligations to each other (rights of the commons?). And then expressing that hierarchy of rights in their mind through policy pronouncements.
There's a problem with the view of "have no opinion on LGBT matters" - where you can insert any other group that you aren't directly affiliated with - in that because you aren't affected, you're going to support the parties that hold detrimental values to those groups. There shouldn't be an argument about it being right to care about other all people besides yourself and those immediately around you. That's where the "Texas of the North" comes up, because of the conservative "me and mine first" mentality held by so many people in this province as well as the southern states.
I can't stand the entrenched sense of victim-hood that permeates this country. If a debate about knowing whether or not your child has joined a gay straight alliance is what passes for the ragged leading edge of hard-right extremism, I'd say you live in a pretty permissible place. You'll have to forgive me if I remain unmoved by such an ecclesiastical debate. I trust that the legislature should be moving on to the matter of angels and the heads of pins next. Never mind that our credit was just downgraded again, someone feels hurt lets all rush and kiss them better.


The sooner the focus of political debate moves on from this topic, the better.
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The easiest way to restore Alberta's credit rating would be to raise taxes.

Jobs is harder though.

Not bad from a historical basis:

Not bad if you are older or female:

Not bad for educated people:
I don't want the easiest way.

Yeah, I just made a post in the economics thread with some numbers from the November Labour Force Survery. The unemployment rate is down to 7.8% for Calgary (below 8 for the first time since Jan-2016), but it looks to be almost entirely based on a drop in the participation rate. There's been no employment growth since July.

Nice recession stat comparison. That early 80s one is still such a doozy.
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