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  1. Rollerstud98

    Avriluno Plaza | 310m | 88s | Hines | SOM

    I don’t think he’s coming back. Is his account even active anymore?
  2. Rollerstud98

    Crane Count

    Probably the Age Care Skypointe.
  3. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    Cowboy wall started coming down today or yesterday.
  4. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    I wonder when Miley will be coming in to meet the Corral?!?
  5. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    They better fix the missing lights on the north side. Looked like a crooked penis and testicles this morning 🤣
  6. Rollerstud98

    Crane Count

    I think last crane is down at the cancer centre.
  7. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    It's not a painted roof. White membrane that accumulates dirt and other materials. What you see there is where the water pools around the roof drains. Not worth the money to go out there and clean it off for the sake of people who may be able to look down upon it from above to have a cleaner...
  8. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | General Block | 6.71m | 2s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    Good looking pooch, need to get her in more pictures!
  9. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Hadn't noticed that from Airdrie, but we can see when they have the red and yellow lights going all the way out here.
  10. Rollerstud98

    Car2Go to pull out of Calgary

    How does fueling vehicles up work with these programs?
  11. Rollerstud98

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    Just let me buy my Bronco first and then I am on board as well:p Institute it as a consumption tax on non essential items.
  12. Rollerstud98

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    But, my mla says that a highly visible tax that can be worked around and budgeted for is the last thing Albertans need, instead she just likes hidden taxes that hurt the lowest earners the most as they are unavoidable.
  13. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    First time that I have had the opportunity to look down on the Calgary Tower and Suncor buildings. Working on floors 59/60 for a few days this week. Thankfully all my work is inside and warm.
  14. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | Stadium Shopping Centre Redevelopment | ?m | 14s | Western Securities

    Drove by the other day, old keg and grocery store are all that is left. The rest of the mall is gone now. Pcl was using the grocery store as the site office so not sure when it will be torn down.
  15. Rollerstud98

    Calgary | Irvine | 23.47m | 6s | Torode | NORR

    I thought the same thing but the top is really nice and the bottom just ok.