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    Calgary | West Village Towers | 150m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    The perfect venue for stoning infidels in the street.
  2. MissingMiddle

    Calgary | Courtyard 33 | 21.64m | 6s | RNDSQR | 5468796 Architecture

    It just looks so monolithic
  3. MissingMiddle

    Calgary | Sierra Place Residential Conversion | 38m | 10s | HomeSpace | Gibbs Gage

    Not that I could afford one of those units if they did, but god I'd want one.
  4. MissingMiddle

    Calgary Event Centre

    I haven't seen renders, but I've seen the interior design precedent and all the plans. I wouldn't expect gold plated ceilings, but it seems pretty on par with recent arenas of this scale. The club sections and bars will be pretty cool, with a few feature elements that people will appreciate. I...
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    General Construction Updates

    I'd say make the move to pedestrian only on 17th between 4th and 8th purely just because of how annoying the loud vehicles driving by are. It's extremely clear that the extra patio space for businesses and street space for people is more beneficial than a couple vehicle lanes. I can't even...
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    Calgary | The Block on 4th | 16.76m | 5s | Indevelopments | Indevelopments

    My bet would be on quicker construction time. Saves money on labor, and gets the building to market sooner.
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    Calgary | The Fifth | 17m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    Was that supposed to be an improvement?
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    Calgary | Riverwalk | 45.11m | 12s | Campion | S2 Architecture

    I went by the other day and was surprised about how large of a street presence this has. It's awesome and hopefully spurs more development like it in that area west of 4th by the river.
  9. MissingMiddle

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The engineer who designed the structure of the parkade said it wasn't designed to support a future building, I'm sorry that's not enough. But we'll end this discussion so we don't derail the thread anymore, take it how you will.
  10. MissingMiddle

    Calgary Event Centre

    You'd wanna look at the people who worked on it, not necessarily just the office. Looking at who stamped the drawings, it's this guy:
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    Calgary | Underwood Tower | 99.06m | 31s | Western Securities | Zeidler BKDI

    The light green and pink is an interesting choice
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    That's what I'm saying, the parkade structure was not designed to support a future building.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I only know because at work I sat beside one of the engineers who worked on the parkade pre-covid, and at some point we had a similar discussion to this one. He pulled out the drawings and showed me and then pulled up construction photos. That parkade doesn't have capacity for anything other...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I'm not sure you're understanding, the foundation for the building was never built, just the parkade. If you want to build something on that site, it doesn't matter what the floorplate is, you can't do it without going back and fixing the substructure so it can carry the load.
  15. MissingMiddle

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    We wont ever see the south parcel done, they'd have to dig up the parkade.