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  1. JTron

    Calgary Event Centre

    I’m curious if the 5 people who voted no to the arena in this poll are still felling the same, Or if any of the people who voted yes, have changed their minds?
  2. JTron

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    Filler is a good description.
  3. JTron

    Water-cooler discussion thread

    I would also like to say thanks to both 1875 and Urban Warrior for their posts over the past few years. It’s the kind if thing that brings me to the site.
  4. JTron

    Calgary | 11th + 11th | 138m | 44s | Intergulf | Ramsay Worden

    Wow, still six floors to go. This is going to be one tall slender looking building.
  5. JTron

    Calgary Event Centre

    Most arenas don’t have vibrant street fronts or good street interaction,, but some do sn okay job of it. Little Cesars and Capital One have been mentioned. and I agree with those choices. Those are the best at street interaction IMO. A few years back I went to a concert at Madison Square...
  6. JTron

    Calgary Event Centre

    Do any arenas really have good street activation though?
  7. JTron

    Calgary Event Centre

    I was thinking the same thing.
  8. JTron

    Calgary | Palliser One | 122m | 27s

    I can't be thankful enough for how this turned out. It was looking so dreadful in the renderings, but in reality is a pretty solid design. I like how the white stripes tend stand out at night even though they aren't lit.
  9. JTron

    Calgary | Dominion | 53m | 15s | Bucci Developments | Urban Agency

    I must be into this building way too much. Most guys dream at night of sexy women, whereas I had a dream the other night, that I was peeling the plastic wrap off of the panels.
  10. JTron

    Calgary | ARC 33 | 22m | 6s | RNDSQR | S2 Architecture

    This is a fantastic project, the type of project Calgary could use more of.
  11. JTron

    Calgary | Oxford Tower | 262m | 62s | Oxford Properties

    Too bad about the high vacancy rate downtown, I imagine this is nowhere near getting built. On the flipside the design is uninspiring, so maybe it's for the best.
  12. JTron

    Calgary | Park Central | 110m | 35s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Any word on whether the second tower is still going ahead?
  13. JTron

    Calgary | Plaza 54 | 187m | 54s | Killam REIT | Gibbs Gage

    I hope this is something that goes ahead. I know most peeps here don't like the design, but the added density right in the core would be nice.
  14. JTron

    Calgary | 11th + 11th | 138m | 44s | Intergulf | Ramsay Worden

    I look the slender look of this tower 👍