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    New Arena/Entertainment District

    I would say compared to the Edmonton deal, Calgary's deal is almost flipped. In Edmonton, the net cost to the taxpayers is around 4/5th of the building cost. In Calgary, the net cost is around 1/5th. Probably the best small market arena deal in a generation. I know it doesn't make people happy...
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    New Arena/Entertainment District

    They came to love the design so much, that when they swapped out all of the fancy materials for cheaper stuff ... well need we say more? Edmonton also removed their streetfront retail to save money, because who needs street activation!
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    I'll try this a few times to see if it is faster than snaking through downtown to get to the river for sure.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    News on the North Hill Mall site:
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    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    Friends built a new home in Saskatoon, uses a bit of power to run an air exchanger and that is it. No furnace. Gas is for a hot water heater only - Sask has higher power prices so it doesn't make sense to go electric, yet. It is possible to do - way easier than 20, 30, 40 years ago. It is a...
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    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on this - what makes LNG better for us than say a fleet of power plans drawing the same amount of gas out of a pipeline in the midwest? And besides being closer, what makes BC LNG better for Alberta than Texas? Do we expect a pop in AECO - I was under the impression...
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    25th Ave SE LRT Grade Separation

    Depends. If they can bring in a land development company there is a potential way to fund part of it, but it would be competing against other city led sites. I would guess at best a decade from now. If green line totally implodes it could end up near the top of the pile.
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    Forum meetup?

    Back, front, etc?
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    Forum meetup?

    I’m more productive after a beer between midnight and 2 am - just saying if you haven’t tried it don’t knock it 😉
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    Forum meetup?

    7 it is!
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    Calgary | The Hub | ?m | 28s | Campus Suites | ARK Inc.

    Lived in a six bedroom unit like these in Toronto - they work fine. For six rooms, they had two full baths and one half bath. The kitchen had two stoves, one big fridge, and everyone had a locker with a bar fridge and storage. Here is a four bed unit in a project in Toronto from the same company:
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    Forum meetup?

    6 too early or too late for people?
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    MacKimmie Complex and Professional Faculties Building Redevelopment | 59m | 15s | U of C | DIALOG

    Now they just need to fully commission it! The outer wall is getting closer - far more wind tight than 4 weeks ago. Still lots of work to do installing motors, putting cladding in the air space. It is pretty obvious as an occupant that the building is not ‘smart’ yet. It is operating on timers...
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    Forum meetup?

    Not a Thursday. Otherwise, good.
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    Calgary | Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    If the geometry works, a surface station in Eau Claire has the potential to save something like $100 million bucks alone, savings that can be plowed into the awful geology between 9th and 6th. I'd like it to be exclusive ROW from there to east of Macleod Trail. This is a 86 M curve, below...