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  1. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | Redstone | 44m | 14s | Amble Ventures | NORR

    The colors are okay. I'm glad they didn't add any orange or red. It's understated, which is fine in this case.
  2. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | The Fifth | ?m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    This one is moving along nicely. It's ironic that of all the projects out there this was the one I was most worried about, and it's flying.
  3. Chinook Arch

    ELVA | ?m | 5s | Wexford | Ziedler

    We haven't seen the latest design, but this is still great news. Nice to fill up an empty loot in Mission.
  4. Chinook Arch

    Upcoming US election

    I agree Trump will lose the election, but will he giver it up? lol. What scares me is the fact that he's still in the running! After all the bad leadership shown by him over the past 4 years, and yet he still has a shot at winning, makes me wonder where the U.S. is headed. @darwink might not be...
  5. Chinook Arch

    Steps Bridgeland | 18m | 6s | Centurion | Sturgess

    Despite the change in design, this one is still turning out very good.
  6. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | Courtyard 33 | 21.64m | 6s | RNDSQR | 5468796 Architecture

    The simple answer is to make the rendering look as nice as possible when it's going to be a condo (like Courtyard was originally), but not make it too different from the final product, as I'm sure there would be lawsuits if the rendering was totally different. Looking at Grow, I think it'll...
  7. Chinook Arch

    Era | 41m | 13s | Minto Group

    I guess that's why we haven't seen much advertising for this.
  8. Chinook Arch

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I count 21 also. Must be correct.
  9. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | August at University District | ?m | 6s | Avi Urban

    Sorry, misunderstood the convo lol!
  10. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | Harmony One | ?m | 6s

    The next time I go past there I will try and get a photo, but Tarsus is correct. The construction seen in the photos is from a different construction site. The location where Harmony is going to be built has no activity.
  11. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | August at University District | ?m | 6s | Avi Urban

    TBH, I find August to be one of less cheap looking buildings. There are dozens of new buildings with hardy board and vinyl paneling that are much cheaper looking. (looking at you Giordano)
  12. Chinook Arch

    University District | Multiple Buildings | WCDT

    Three more retailers set to go into University District. -Village Ice Cream The Alley (Bubble Tea) -Shopper's Drug Mart I don't know which buildings.
  13. Chinook Arch

    Calgary's Beltline

    Do the artists for BUMP get any compensation? I'm curious because BUMP literally blows away all the publicly funded art that we've seen lately.
  14. Chinook Arch

    Calgary | The Giordano | 18m | 5s | Brava Developments | Casola Koppe

    The corrugated aluminum would be quite a bit more expensive. Feasible, as is the case with annex, but would be more expensive.
  15. Chinook Arch

    What brought you to this site?

    From SSP. I hung around SSP for a while even when it was bad, and was even vocally against coming over here, but one day I read through the posts at SSP, and thought to myself, why am I hanging onto this place? Almost all the people left were idiots. It was time to move on, and I don't regret...