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  • Are you seeing any of my posts show up? I made about a dozen in the past few days, but they don't show up when I look.
    A couple of things...

    1. What is your favourite Simply Saucer record?

    3. Do you have any Michael Coren related tattoos or brandings?
    Adam, I've got to tell you, your precious and self-righteous attitude around here is incredibly off-putting. Please, please, PLEASE try to consider other people's "ignoramus" opinions before attacking them. I warn you this will mean you might need to re-evaluate how you see yourself and take yourself down a few pegs which might be very difficult for you.
    You are what is wrong with humanity, I can picture you, a lonely arrogant prick. Do you take pleasure insulting people for no good reason? Are you highly educated and assume no one else is? do me and the world a favour....consider suicide.
    You are such an arrogant douchebag.

    Either you just can't read, or you can't divine the meaning from the words.

    I was defending a person... Not the architecture.

    You attack the people, not the opinion or the argument and that is what makes the likes of you so distasteful.

    You and thedeepend must have fun mutually stroking each others' psychological phalluses. His and your egomaniacal, self-righteous ramblings are revolting.
    hi, i'm not surprised you knew about the house. i wanted to keep the location a secret as she is in an extremely vulnerable situation out there. that is why i didn't respond to queries asking me where it is located.
    in a word: she is mad. and living all alone in an isolated spot...
    i've taken the photos down now, as i started to feel guilty about putting them up...
    i've asked the mods to delete the thread, but in the meantime would you mind deleting your post revealing her location?
    i put them up thinking that i might be able to organize an effort to help her in some way, and also restore the house--as she (and it) are in desperate need of it, but i realize now that posting the pictures publicly wasn't the way to go...
    btw, isn't Kingcross fantastic! so many gorgeous postwar ranch homes....
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