It's been a few months since SkyriseCalgary last checked up on Redstone's progress. Back in December construction at Redstone was approaching grade, as workers prepared for the Christmas break. Fast forward to mid March and Redstone is well on its way to reaching its way into the skyline. 

View of construction site, image via forum contributor 1875

Recent photos show the 14 storey project is now at the 5th floor, and that the structure has been rising at approximately 3 floors a months since the time the main floor was completed. The tower would expect to be topped off sometime in late June, however depending on the current covid19 situation the topping off could be later than that.

Rendering of project, image via Amble Ventures

Designed by NORR Architects, the 137 purpose built rental tower is Amble Ventures' second Beltline tower project, after the completion of their inaugural project 1215. Amble chose to go with a proven format as both 1215 and Redstone look remarkably similar, having minor differences in the design. Amble Ventures also has a third project in the wings with the proposed Yellowstone development, also in the Beltline.

View of construction site, image via forum contributor 1875

With more progress yet ahead for this project, SkyriseCalgary will be sure to revisit this project and report on its status. For more information check out the associated database thread, for photo updates and discussion check out the associated forum thread, and as always, feel free to leave comments in the comment section below.

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