I'm thrilled to officially announce that I have taken on the role of editor and curator of local content for SkyriseCities Calgary. I started the role November 1st, and wanted to introduce myself to you readers and talk about my role as editor. For the past four years I have been involved with SkyriseCities, writing articles and supplying content for SkyriseCalgary as well as being SkyriseCities' local representative. That will all stay the same but now I'll be doing it on a full-time basis. It's a role I'm very excited about.

As a native Calgarian, born and raised here, I've watched the city grow and change over the years. I've followed Calgary's high-rise growth and its evolution into a bustling city, transforming from a smallish prairie city to a major metropolis. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of seeing this happen within my time, and knowing there's still plenty of transformation ahead.

I've always been fascinated by large cities, and have visited many of them around the world. Many of the world's biggest cities are truly great, but I feel like those are stories that have been written, whereas Calgary is a story that we are writing now. It's exciting.

I've always loved architecture, skyscrapers and urban topics. I used to doodle cityscapes in junior high school  and design skyscrapers in high school drafting class. Later on I continued the doodles, only using a computer instead of a pencil.

My 3D digital art images were often filled with skyscrapers.

I still enjoy skyscrapers and cityscapes, but just as Calgary has evolved, my interests in urban topics has evolved as well. I look forward to covering all aspects of Calgary's development, and look forward to being a part of SkyriseCalgary as it evolves.

If you have any questions regarding SkyriseCalgary, any story suggestions, corrections, or want to discuss editorial and marketing opportunities, feel free to contact me at kevin.cappis@skyrisecities.com.

You can also find me in our discussion forum (as Surrealplaces), which I encourage you to check out and join! It's the best place there is to find out what's happening in Calgary on the architectural, construction and urban development front.

Thanks for your continued readership!

Kevin Cappis, Editor