With another busy month of proposals, construction and public realm improvements behind us, we round up SkyriseCalgary's most popular stories, project Databases, and Forum threads of February 2019.

Our Top Ten News Stories

1. Telus Sky Continues to Dazzle in Latest Photos

Telus Sky, image by Forum contributor Spudski

Telus Sky remains the top story for SkyriseCalgary, followed by coverage of cladding work at Arris 5th and Third, and Courtyard 33's recent approval from City Hall. 

2. Cladding Underway at 5th and Third in East Village

3. Courtyard 33 Gets Green Light From City Hall

4. 500 Block Punches Above Grade

5. One Tower's Podium Level Begins to Take Shape

6. Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Site Coming Soon to South Calgary

7. Brio Begins Cladding Installation

8. 11th + 11th Digging In as Excavation Work Continues

9. Excavation Making Steady Progress at Curtis Block

10. South Bank Tops Off in Inglewood

Our Top Ten Database Files

1. Curtis Block

Curtis Block, image via DIALOG

The multi-tower Curtis Block remained in pole position for February, followed by One Tower, and 500 Block. 

2. One Tower 

3. 500 Block  

4. Arris 5th and Third

5. 11th + 11th 

6. Telus Sky 

7. The Hat 

8. The Hub

9. West Village Towers

10. Brio

Our Top Ten Forum Threads

1. General Discussion

West Village Towers, image by Forum contributor 1875

Our catch-all development thread once again took the top slot in February, followed by the ever-popular Telus Sky, and Cidex Group's West Village Towers. 

2. Telus Sky 

3. West Village Towers 

4. One Tower

5. 11th + 11th

Arris 5th and Third 

6. Eau Claire Market Redevelopment

7. Transportation and Infrastructure

8. Curtis Block

9. Redstone

10. Courtyard 33

We will be back at the beginning of April for a recap of March's top news stories, Database files, and Forum threads!